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Fellow humans: I’m Fabian Harmik Stelzer, a dad and tech entrepreneur based out of Berlin. I’m half German, half Հայ, father to Mathilde and married to Luise Katharina Müller.

On this site I write about AI, startups, history and politics. UPDATE: I’ve moved my writing to Substack: Inverting The Obvious. nah, I mostly just tweet here tbh.

In 2023, I co-founded GLIF, an AI-native entertainment platform that lets anyone create and connect over magic fun experiences build with Generative AI.

I’ve also started SALT, one of the first completely AI-generated filmverses on Twitter (more on CNN).

Previously, I co-founded a machine learning / computer vision business known as EyeQuant (with my neuroscience professor Dr. Peter König). EyeQuant became one of Europe’s first applied ‘narrow’ AI companies, serving hundreds of enterprise customers such as Google, Spotify, Ebay and Canon. I led the company as CEO until its acquisition in July 2018.

My work as an artist or entrepreneur has been featured in Forbes, WIRED, FastCompany, VICE Motherboard, GigaOM and Inc. Magazine, and I’ve spoken about entrepreneurship and machine learning at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, the University of Oxford (Oxford Forum), the London School of Communication Arts 2.0 and at Hult International Business School, London.

Most importantly, I learned many a things about startups, team building, the SaaS business, sales, machine learning, narrow AI, M&A and the alchemy of value creation throughout the process.

AI policy stuff:

From 2018 – 2020 I’ve been an appointed member of Germany’s Federal Minister of Economic Affairs’ Advisory Board for Digitalization & Startups (Beirat Junge Digitale Wirtschaft).
I’ve occassionally reviewed AI startup funding proposals for the European Commission as part of H2020.
In 2018, I was an appointed member of the Bundesfachkommission KI at the CDU’s Economic Council (CDU Wirtschaftsrat). Note that I’m politically extremely all over the place and not a member of any party.

In 2017 I organized DoomConf, the “Anti-TED”. I may do it again.

You can reach me via fabian at this domain.